Developed by Brazilian Cosmetic Surgeon and founder of the Brazilian Society of Medical and Laser Surgery Dr. Romulo Mene, Doctor's Program system incorporates the synergistic effects between chemical peels, cleansers and maintenance treatments for freshly revitalized skin.
Its effectiveness has been proven worldwide in helping to restore various skin conditions including hyperpigmentation and acne.

abc professional peel

ABC Facial Peel

This is a complex of glycolic acid and salicylic acid for use in superficial peelings. Apply with a suitable brush and remove when the patient feels a slight burning sensation. This can cause an immediate superficial peel and stimulate the dermic vessels which causes a stimulation of the fibroblast, which in turn generates the immediate production of glycosaminoglycan's. (GAG's).
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glycolic acid peel for professionals 30

Glycolic Acid Gel 30%

The objective of superficial peelings using these products is to obtain the removal of the corneous layer and, when required, the stimulation of the vessels in the dermal layer.
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glycolic acid peel 25

Glycolic Acid Masque 25%

for professional use is a special formulation non -comedogenic masque designed to stimulate and clean pores, tighten, tone and nourish skin. Perfect for all skin types and specially indicated for acne and oily skin treatments. Frequent use provides an excellent defense against the elements which clog and block pores. Contains AHAs. Limit sun exposure during use and for 1 week afterwards.
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yellow peel professionals

Yellow Peel Facial

Probably the most efficient peel used today. It offers restoration of the superficial dermal layer and stimulates the vascular system at the dermo - epidermal junction, inducing the fibroblasts to immediately produce a large quantity glycosaminoglycan (GAGs). This improves the retention of water inside the dermal layer, promoting an immediate improvement of the appearance of the facial wrinkles.
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YELLOW PEEL FACIAL is designed to offer deep dermal stimulation with a minimum exfoliation combined with a fast regeneration of the skin (48 hours).  The formulation is a combination of retinaldehyde, (a natural metabolite of beta-carotine and Retinol), and three tyrosinase blockers (skin lighteners).  These blockers are: Phytic Acid, Kojic Acid and Azelaic Acid.  Also included are Penetrating Emu Oil, Vitamin C, Lanolin and Bisabolol as anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.  YELLOW PEEL is recommended for treatment of: EPIDERMAL MELASMA (SUPERFICIAL).